Team & Funding Support

We acknowledge all team members and funding organisations that have made the development and implementation of TACTICS VR possible.

TACTICS Management Team

Prof. Christopher Levi
Dr. Andrew Bivard
Prof. Chris Paul
L/Prof. John Attia
Sarah Kuhle
Martine Cox
Annika Ryan
Olivia Whalen
Dr. Candice Delcourt
Alejandra Malavera
Luke Hatchwell

Advanced Training Systems

Prof. Rohan Walker
A/Prof. Eugene Navalaiko
Dr. Rebecca Hood
Dr. Angela Keynes
Dr. Murielle Kluge
Dr. Steven Maltby

Funding Organisations

The University of Newcastle
National Health and Medical Research Council
Queensland Department of Health
Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd
Boehringer Ingelheim
Hunter New England LHD

Supporting Organisations

Hunter Medical Research Institute
The George Institute for Global Health
University of New South Wales

TACTICS Steering Committee

Prof. Christopher Levi
Dr. Andrew Bivard
L/Prof. John Attia
Prof. Chris Bladin
Prof. Stephen Davis
Prof. Chris Paul
A/Prof. Bruce Campbell
Prof. Mark Parsons
Dr. Rohan Grimley
Prof. Craig Anderson
Prof. Geoffrey Donnan
A/Prof. Tim Kleinig
Prof. Neil Spratt
Dr. Andrew Wong
Dr. Candice Delcourt