Getting Started with Tactics VR

The TACTICS programme is currently being assessed in a research trial. Access to additional materials and resources is limited to sites that are currently enrolled in this trial.

Additional resources are available by logging in through to the Resources and Videos pages. By accessing these resources, you confirm that you are affiliated with one of these hospital sites. The password is available in the TACTICS study documents, from your TACTICS site contact or within the Additional Resources tab within the TACTICS VR application on the virtual reality headset.

How to use the Oculus Go


  • Before starting, ensure you are seated and away from any obstacles. If you experience any dizziness or nausea, simply take off the headset.
  • Note that before accessing TACTICS VR, you will have to connect the headset to a local Wi-Fi network or power on your wireless router.
  • Put the headset on and press and hold the power button, on top of the headset, until the oculus symbol appears.
  • Point your controlled straight in front of you, and press and hold the home button for 3 seconds. This will adjust your view and pointer direction to suit your position.


  • From the Universal menu (at the bottom of your view) select Navigate, then Library.
  • All your apps can be found in your library, including the TACTICS app.
  • You can also launch the tutorial from here, if you want to learn more about using the Oculus Go.
  • Training must occur in a single session, which will require approximately 20-30 minutes.


  • Point your controller at the TACTICS app and click to start. This will take you to the TACTICS homepage, where you can start the training in your own time. You can pause or exit the app at anytime by pressing the back button on your controller.


  • You will be given feedback on your performance at the end of the module.

Detailed instructions and troubleshooting on the use of the Oculus Go headset are available on the Oculus website.

If you would like to download a digital copy of this Quick Access guide, or access additional information, please log-in through the Resources page.

If you have any issues using TACTICS VR, you can contact our team at